All great products and innovations have some amazing similarities. A little research will reveal that behind the scenes there was somebody with vision that was able to drive the innovation through all the difficulties and most often in the face of popular opinion.

The Birth of the Fabx Display System was no different. The architect of the system had a vision of using a readily available polyester fabric used for clothing and create display structures by tensioning the fabric over lightweight frames. Nobody foresaw that entire football stadiums would one day be covered in tensioned fabric. The Cape Town Stadium is a good example of this very common practise today.

A self-supporting framework able to tension large areas of printed fabric that accommodates the huge variety of functionality required of displays was no small task. Many hours leading in to many weeks months and years of determination, inspiration and collaboration has resulted in a system and production means to make and evolve a system that is defined by innovation and its ability to dynamically change to meet new demands.

13 Years later the passion and belief to make the very best possible using the latest technology available is still as vibrant and relevant as in the early days. What has changed is the ever growing number of the “converted” who passionately believe in the many advantages of the Fabx Display philosophy of lightweight dynamic shapes formed with tensioned printed fabric.

We are eternally grateful to everybody who has participated in driving and challenging the boundaries of innovation by demanding solutions from a system that always delivers.


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